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  Ferrari 288 GTO

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Country of origin:Italy
Produced from:1984 - 1986
Numbers built:273
Introduced at:1984 Geneva Motor Show
Designed by:Pininfarina
Successor:Ferrari F40
Author:Wouter Melissen
Last updated:May 02, 2016
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 Ferrari DNA genuine  
For me, these is the very best Ferrari ever built.

I drove one unit (180 milles) and the sensations was for don't forget. The car is very light, very directly and fast. The twin turbos push the car very strong and when pushing you can feel the power on the steering. The sound is perfect, always remember me the sound of F40.
 My dream  
This car embodies everything I want in a car. It is in my top 3 dream cars. I had the pleasure of seeing one on the highway one day in Southern Ontario, and I could not believe my eyes. Of course, it is beautiful in pictures, but to truly appreciate it is to see it in motion.

This car was first produced the year I was born, so I have somewhat of an attachment to it. I feel like we were twins separated at birth. Its curves are that of a beautiful Italian woman in a sun dress.

When I study for tests and exams, I put up a picture of this car on my laptop and whenever I feel the urge to let my mind wander, I glance over at its undeniable beauty for inspiration.

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
 Brilliant Design.  
I love this car. It is in my top 10 cars ever built as well as being in my top 10 of best looking cars ever built, and on those bombshells, it is by far my favourite Ferrari. The fact that it looks like the 308 and 328 models is brilliant IMO. I mean it looks like a 328 but it is very fast and I think that subtle touch is what makes this such a great car. I remember seeing and hearing one of these beautiful machines. I must have been there, jaws dropped for more than half an hour. Great car.
 288 GTO  
"I do believe that the Ferrari 288 GTO is one of the most awesome shapes that Pininfarina has designed. It's a 308 on steriods . This is the car ""Magnum P.I."" should of driven. It's wide and agressive stance was clearly influenced by the earlier GTO's. This is one car that I cannot find any fault in the design. To the angled fender gill-slits to the five spoke racing wheels, this car means business. Just wish I could have one."
 Beauty and the Beast  
Captain Wow
Pictures, although lovely, simply do not do justice to this car. I had the opportunity, as a young man, to see a 288 GTO 'in the flesh'. I spent as much time as possible over the few days it was avaiable to go over every line. Pinnifarina took the 308 design and extended it to its most beautiful conclusion. I've seen a lot of Ferraris and this is one of the best. The 288's elegance is matched only by its raw power. Especially for its time, the 288 was overwhelming in its ability to put power to the road. The 288 was also the first result of Ferrari's idea to deliberately create a continuing series of SOTA road racing cars in the spirit of the 250 GTO. It is my favorite Ferrari.
 surpassed by its lesser stable mates  
Before i took a greater interest in cars, I often thought that i saw this car everyday outside my neighbours house, and i thought he was super super rich. But once getting out a car magazine, and looking at the 328 and 288 more in detail, i discovered that my neighbour wasnt that rich at all! this car DOES look stunning, and they cost a bomb, but why did they make it look like the 308 and the 328. thank god the enzo doesnt look like the 550 or 360 modena
 to motorhead  
Who are you to tell me what is wrong. In absolute terms I would certainly look at an Enzo and appreciate it for what it stands for, but in relative (and subjective) terms I would spend my precious time enjoying the looks of the GTO.
 Coolest car ever made  
These guys read my mind, a car with an old look but some brilliant speed and torque! i say that this is a better than most of the other Ferrari's. well done Ferrari!
This is nice but it does not really make an impact. Not like other ferraris like the 355 and F40. No doubt this car looks beautiful and will win some beauty contest but to compare it with an enzo is very very wrong. The enzo is not like a normal ferrari. The enzo is literally fuction over form but ferrari still managed to built a very beautiful car. Every other ferrari on the market is form over fuction but their fuction is still damn good, they still accelerate and fly and all the fun is still there. NICE CAR but NOT THAT NICE!!!!
 the best looking ever  
Easily the best looking Ferrari ever produced, if you ever come across one, just sit down for half an hour (or more) and enjoy the view. Even if parked next to an Enzo you will not get distracted.
 no title  
One of these was auctioned off on EbayMotors for $250,000, with the reserve no yet met. I later checked that it sold outside Ebay, probably for more than $500,000. A nice dream to own one... This is one of my favourite Ferraris of all time. It would of been nice to see how it would of done in Group B. Though I did not think the Jaguar XJ 220 was built for Group B.
 Greatest Car of All-Time!  
I Truly believe that the 288 GTO is the ultimate car, the pinnacle of auto splendor and will be for years to come! Whether it is the Pininfarina stylings or 400 Hp twin turbo I just love every part of this car.
 Ah....Group B...  
Not just the Metro 6R4, but also: Jaguar XJ220, Porsche 959, Lancia Delta S4, Audi Quattro S1, Ford RS200, Peugeot 205 T16 et al. Sad indeed that the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione (found elsewhere on this site) was stopped after only 5 cars were produced. All the parts that were meant for this production run ended up in the Ferrari F40, and many racing F40s used 288 GTO Evoluzione components. At least some 288s and even the few Evoluziones did manage to be built so we can have dreams of what may have been....
 More pictures please  
Say no more... Yet another sad reason to mourn the death of the Group B. Any chance of some pics of a 6R4? (that is what this car would have been battling against)
 The best car ever made  
This is the best car of all times.

  Article Image gallery (76) Chassis (4) Specifications User Comments (15)