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Conversation Between Zytek_Fan and johnnynumfiv
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  1. Zytek_Fan
    04-22-2009 08:25 PM
    Yeah, that's what I read on a Powerstroke board.
    With proper maintenance, some have gone well over 500,000.
  2. johnnynumfiv
    04-22-2009 07:38 PM
    300,000 miles? Its just getting broke in. :p
  3. Zytek_Fan
    04-22-2009 07:08 PM
    Well, I found the perfect one. 99 Ford F250 Powerstroke w/6 speed. Only problem is it has 300,000+ miles.
  4. Zytek_Fan
    04-21-2009 08:14 PM
    I've seen a few manual Fords but I don't really know anyone who has had one, but they seem nice too.

    11s?! :O Does he smoke out the whole strip? :P
  5. johnnynumfiv
    04-21-2009 08:07 PM
    I know of a kid that has a 6spd manual ford and beats the crap out of it and it hasn't broke yet. Im pretty sure that the Torqshift is the same as the allison. I also know of a seriosuly modified ram, I don't know the specifics, but it runs 11's. =o
  6. Zytek_Fan
    04-21-2009 07:24 PM
    Yeah, Ford has the TorqShift transmissions that seem pretty nice. It has a pretty slick tow mode. If I get a Powerstroke, it'll be the 7.3L or I'll get a 6.0L and change the injectors and put in a new EGR cooler if they haven't been done already to solve the problems they had.

    I want a Dodge with the MB G56 6 speed manual, those can really take a beating. Although an upgraded clutch would help a lot.
  7. johnnynumfiv
    04-21-2009 06:36 PM
    Watch out for the first generation duramax. Im pretty sure they have head gasket/ head issues. The Allison transmissions in the chevy/gmc can take a beating. I think the Fords have the Allison too, but call it a different name.
  8. Zytek_Fan
    04-21-2009 04:46 PM
    THe other problem is finding a half decent Dodge Ram with a manual transmission.
    Those autos don't take much extra HP, only about 90 then they go poof.
  9. Zytek_Fan
    04-17-2009 10:35 PM
    Really any turbo diesel would be fine. As long as it's newer than 1995 and isn't that old awful GM 6.5 turbo diesel.
    My dad said he'd prefer it be a Dodge Cummins or a GM Duramax because of how reliable they are. The limit is of course price, but I plan to work my ass off this summer ;)

    I just like the sound of a nice diesel lol.

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