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Niko_Fx 09-18-2004 10:50 AM

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I think it would be good to have a thread ONLY for our pictures (Misho agrees ;)). There are many pics of many members all over the place and if they were all in the same thread it would be a lot easier to look them up and look to whom we are talking to.

There's only one rule for this thread:

[B]-Do not reply if you are not going to post a pic of yourself[/B].... PLEASE follow this rule, the other thread similar to this one has like 1 pic every 7-8 replies.

Now, I'm going to start off and post a pic of myself... Don't make me look stupid :o , hurry up and post yours! :)

lithuanianmafia 09-18-2004 10:55 AM

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this is me with a friend from Philly (i'm on the right btw)

Egg Nog 09-18-2004 12:10 PM

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Me, a few years ago :)

laxplayer98 09-18-2004 01:24 PM

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Here i am a year ago in a Gallardo

Suka 09-18-2004 01:24 PM

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Sweeney921 09-18-2004 01:46 PM

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Niko_Fx 09-18-2004 04:49 PM

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Thanks to those who already posted :)

You gotta love that Z8 pic Shawn, is all over the forum :) ;) Unfortunately for you, you won't be able to reply to this comment without posting another pic :p

To stick to the rules of the thread here's another pic (Which I already have posted in UCP before)

porlamfer 09-18-2004 06:09 PM

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Me...HAHA! A Fat Chinese BOY!

thanos 09-19-2004 01:51 AM

Here is me
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Here are two other pics of me. :D I havent got pics of me into cars in my computer because I recently bought a digital camera.

r1ckst4 09-19-2004 05:01 AM

3 Attachment(s)
well here r my pics... :D one is a pic of the normal ricky... the otha one is a pic of the crazt ricky.... :D :p

EDIT: i just had to add my fav pic... me and michael... we'r best friends... he never give me his phone numba or email address tho... :( i thought wot we had was special... :p :D

Spastik_Roach 09-21-2004 03:32 AM

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Heres me, with my Beetles style hair, looking lost, lol. I can look ALOT better than this :D This is THE spastik_roach.

whiteballz 09-21-2004 05:01 AM

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this is the ugly git you talk to when you reply to whiteballz.
:p :D

henk4 09-29-2004 07:31 PM

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me in the company car

QuattroMan 10-01-2004 02:12 PM

Quattro man
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Hey every one this me in LAS VEGAS I am test driving the new A8L. Now you guys know me when you see QUATTRO MAN on the new threads, and guys it is my pleasure to share cool stuff on this awesome site...nice chit chatting whit you guys,,.... :D

85RX7 10-01-2004 03:44 PM

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just 2 small pics from my phone.

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