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Originally Posted by pimento View Post
Or they can turn the chassis around and make a new Alpine!

Me too.
They are actually all sort of related. The A108 was based on Dauphine mechanicals and the Caravelle was the factory's take on a sportier Dauphine. Of course the Alpine was rather more successful.

I considered using the Frégate for my comical amusing remark (AFAIK the only post war front engined rear wheel drive Renault designed by Renault themselves) but that was only available as a four door, so it didn't quite fit.

But I digress.
Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
I wasn't even sure it was a known acronym. I meant to confound with a potential Kitdy original.

My gut tells me this is not destined for the street, in a my-gut-is-actually-a-complex-interpretation-of-hard-to-tease-out-thoughts kinda way.
To me the overtly retro design and some of the detailing (like the nose which I suspect would have a tough time meeting safety regulations...) are signs that this car isn't as close to production as we might wish.

Nevertheless, the success of the Toyobaru both in terms of sales as well as in terms of image, makes this more possible than if it was otherwise.

Who knows...
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