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Some repair services and taxi parks assembled 21's from their own or spare parts, both during and after their production at GAZ. Beside factory versions there were pickups, panel vans and campers among such cars.

Пикапы на базе ГАЗ-21/22 Волга
ГАЗ-22 "Волга" Фургон - second picture here is GAZ's own prototype.
ГАЗ-22 "Волга" Ж/Д

In 1965 in one of such repair services in Novosibirsk a party of parade cabriolets has been made.

Парадные кабриолеты ГАЗ-21.

In 1960s some 21's have been assembled in Belgium by Sobimpex company and sold through Scaldia company. In the beginning (since 1960) those cars had Perkins Four-99 48hp diesel engine, which was later replaced by 65hp Rover (in 1963) and 68hp Indenor-Peugeot XDP 4.90 (in 1964). There have never been diesel cars for domestic market. Through 1960-1967 a total number of 167 diesel cars have been sold via Scaldia in Benelux and Northern Europe. It is said that some 21's worked as taxis in Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Finland, Norway etc.

Бельгийские ГАЗ-21 "Волга" Diesel - Scaldia - Sobimpex - Perkins Four-99, Rover, Indenor XDP

In 1961 Scaldia ordered a Volga redesign to Ghia, but a year after GAZ has updated the 21 on their own.

Here is a page with all (I think) prototypes of various GAZ 21 series, including a never-to-be fourth series prototype:

1953-1965 Прототипы ГАЗ-21 Волга.

Among factory projects there have been a 4x4 GAZ 22 prototype and a prototype of a car with fuel injection engine.

GAZ 21 engine and other mechanicals have been widely used in Soviet motorsport in sixties. Sportscars and formulas have been mainly built by drivers themselves, but GAZ has also had its own GAZ SG4 based on 21 mechanicals.

Finally, 21 has become a basis for many DIY cars and cars developed by small factories.

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