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Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine
All of us with real Scottish accents - or were you joking anyway ??
Some trivia about his "accent." (From the book, "The Nitpicker's Guide For Classic Trekkers.")
In the epsiode "The Doomsday Machine," Scotty "loses" his accent when telling Capt. Kirk about the detonation trigger he has wired for the starship "Constellation." When he says, "... and thirty seconds later... poof!" he is not talking with an accent! I've played that portion of the episode over and over a few times and it's true.

Actor James Doohan was missing the middle finger of his right hand. According to the same book... "In the episode "The Enemy Within," there is a quick view of Scott's right hand. In case you aren't aware, James Doohan- the actor who played Scott- is missing the middle finger on that hand.
His missing finger is more obvious in the Star Trek movie "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier."
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