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I really thought they couldve done better with this game, but I know nothing of programming and how long it takes (its all for the money anyway, right). They really shouldve put some damage in GT4 (even TOCA Race Driver 2 has damage). Thats another reason why I think XBOX racing games have more potential. AND WHY CANT I FIND ANY SUPRAS THAT I CAN BUY!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGGGHHHH

I had to buy it (I own XBOX, roommates own PS2) cause my roommates are too damn cheap. Ill be playing and whoopin ass, then they come in and want to play Need for Speed II or some cheap crap "cause its easier". Some people....sheesh

Why do you guys all think the XBOX sucks? I have one and other than the title sleuth sony has, I really like it better ( especially the controls ). Most every game that has come out on both systems has been much better on XBOX. at least IMO Forza should be absolutely amazing.

Still really is the best racing simulator ever.
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