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Originally Posted by pimento View Post
Heh. It's a game that got crowdsourced by the Slightly Mad Studios guys, basically it aims to be a very realistic racer. Depending on which tier you got in on, you can influence the design and content of the game. Unfortunately they're not taking more purchases at this stage, nor can I upgrade my membership one level up to unlock multiplayer and some of the tracks/cars.
Now that I've been able to see it, it does look interesting indeed.

Quite possibly a future purchase.
Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
I like Japanese cars (pretty obvious huh? ), but there are still a lot of missing Japanese cars from the game. It's the selection of cars that's the problem. Stuff like the new Civic Type R Euro hatch isn't in it, even though the newest forms of GT-R is.

A lot of classics are also under represented.
I agree with that. I can do without a million variations but I also want to see more Colt CZRs, Accord Type Ss and more classics.
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