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The Daytona debuted with a 142 hp Turbo I motor. Many Turbo Z models were produced and were more luxurious than other years due to their use of Mark Cross leather, light up speakers, and rear amplifier switches. These options were dropped after 1984.

Changes were minimal for the Daytona's second year of production. The Turbo Z model was no longer listed as a package but was now a model in its own right. The wraparound spoiler, formerly exclusive to the Turbo Z model, was now offered on all three models. But the biggest change was under the hood: the 2.2 Turbo was given four more hp to 146 hp (109 kW), and a new shift linkage was added. Optional "Swiss cheese" wheels were replaced with new optional "pizza" wheels. All wheels now had five lug nuts (instead of four). Total production was 47,519.

There were several changes for the 1986 Daytona. The middle "Turbo" model was dropped, leaving only two models, the base and Turbo Z. Engine changes were also made, including a new 2.5 L 100 hp (75 kW) four-cylinder engine for the base model. A new T-roof package was added to the option list, and 5,984 Daytona owners chose this option. The biggest addition was the C/S (Carroll Shelby) suspension package, available only as an option on the Turbo Z. This consisted of 32 mm (1.3 in) front and 28 mm (1.1 in) rear anti-sway bars, performance tuned struts, and 225/50VR15 Goodyear Eagle Gatorback tires. This package would foreshadow the Daytona Shelby of 1987 and beyond. Some 7,704 owners added this handling package to their Daytonas. Total production this year was 44,366.

For 1987, the Daytona was restyled externally, and featured pop-up headlights. New in 1987 was a Shelby Z trim level with an available Chrysler developed Turbo II (174 hp (130 kW) - 200 lb⋅ft (271 N⋅m)) intercooled version of the 2.2 L Chrysler K engine, as well as a heavy-duty A555 transaxle with Getrag gears. The Shelby Z also featured numerous suspension upgrades, including a larger diameter front sway bar and disc brakes on all four wheels. This version was sold in Europe under the name Chrysler GS Turbo II. A more luxury-oriented Pacifica trim line was also added to replace the Chrysler Laser, which was dropped in mid-year 1986. Among the optional equipment included a leather interior, eight-way power enthusiast driver's seat (with mechanical thigh and lumbar controls), digital instrument cluster, and a 12-button trip computer (with instant fuel ratings as well as trip averages and estimated travel times). In 1988, the C/S package was revived. However, this time the C/S was only available on the base model Daytona. In order to reduce weight and produce a lighter Daytona, the C/S came without the ground effects and other features that were on the Shelby. The AGB model C/S had a Turbo I 2.2 L engine, which was available with either an automatic or manual transmission.

Following the Chrysler takeover of Lamborghini, product programs general manager Jack Stavana introduced a program to fit a Lamborghini Jalpa V8 into a Daytona. The motor was linked to an all-wheel drive (AWD) system designed by Lotus UK and the car was called the Decepzione. Despite its performance and media buzz generated by articles in Car and Driver magazine, the project was discontinued because of the engine's oil pan having just 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) of ground clearance, necessitated by the comparatively tall engine block.

Source: wikipedia

Chrysler Daytona 1986-1993
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