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Originally Posted by Wolf03 View Post
- Great reliability (is there any manufacturer out there better?)
- Great engines (fuel efficient in class, yet powerful)
- Quality materials (I don't know why my parents chose the Accord over the Camry but I remember for sure, they chose it over the Altima because the Altima has poor-quality plastics)
- Surprisingly cheap for the amount of stuff you get

Yes, I know the cars are a bit bland and boring but still awesome cars overall. I'm really trying to get my parents to get a 2006 Civic Coupe (so I may drive it around )
Fast forward to 2018 and all qualities named above have been improved tremendously..from the engine capacities to the tires and the interior designs. i personally think they got the most comfortable leather seats in the industry today.

Funny enough, Hondas are still quite affordable..
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