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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
Are they losing out on snob appeal, too? Audi had a run in the last decade and early part of this one. I still see a shitton of them, but E90s (which are still modern in my brain) are being poorly modified more and more, which must be a sign to the Roundelheads that their beloved brand is plunging downmarket. I see a lot of the other premium SUVs these days; K̶u̶b̶a̶n̶g̶s̶ Levantes, Stelvios, Macans etc... Merc is completely lost at sea; they fill the niche vacated by Oldsmobile, with the G capitalizing on the horrible-people market that it shares with the X6(M). At least in the two corners of America (and Montreal) that I frequent, I think Tesla is the brand du jour in the upper middle-class and aspirational middle middle-class stakes. Also, in New England, the previous buyers of pitiful base model BMWs and Benzes seem to have realized that they can have a Subaru with more toys and a less-venal dealer network, though I still find Subies to be pretty agricultural.

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That new Chevy pickup is horrendous. What is going on with automotive styling now?

You guys forgot the grille swap BMWs.

Look how positively ginormous the grilles have gotten.

And that BMW ute is perfect. It rounds out the group of anonymous SUVs that BMW has been building.

1. Let's build a lifted 5 series.
2. Then make a lifted 5 series coupe.
3. Then make a slightly smaller lifted 5 series coupe.
4. Profit...?

It reeks of throwing spaghetti at the wall until literally something sticks. I mean you can ride the SUV craze, but don't lean into it.

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