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Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
I would consider a Honda e as a commuter car, and I am an enthusiast.

Also, 2000bhp is way too much.
Absolutely a commuter car, although strange that we're getting a RWD Honda for the first time in the US in many, many years, and I'm not excited by it at all.

What I find most baffling is that automakers have yet to standardize the charging plug in electric cars and they look like they can't understand why people aren't buying electric cars. That's like selling a Ford car that can only be filled at Exxon gas stations only. You're only setting yourself up for failure that way.

Forget about the range anxiety that always exists for electric cars, I was actively looking for electric car recharging stations on my trip to Montreal from NYC. I couldn't find any. Even at large rest stops I couldn't find a Tesla supercharger. They are only hurting themselves with all these proprietary plugs.
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