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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
Is this because Europe is a mythical place where Volkswagens actually work?
It is!

No it's not. They break down as much as anywhere else.

Anyaway, of far more interest are the registration figures for 2018 for Western Europe (they come from ACEA).
  • Toyota Group -> 647k cars.
  • Japan (the rest of Japanese manufacturers combined) -> 1,150k cars (Nissan is 450k of those).
  • Hyundai Group ->903k cars.
To put that into perspective, the BMW Group sold 992k cars in Europe over the same period. The BMW brand alone (at 780k cars) outsold the entire Toyota Group. Daimler sold 937k cars in 2018 (Mercedes-Benz cars hit 839k units).

So, two theoretically prestigious, luxury premium brands outsold the mighty Toyota Group, the largest car manufacturer in the world*, in Europe.

(Nevermind giants such as VAG, over 3 million cars, PSA, over 2 million cars or Renault, almost 1.5 million cars)

No, after all those years it seems that Japanese / Asian cars are still not really popular in Europe...

*They still are the largest car maker in the world, aren't they?
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