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For the 1992 model year, production was moved from the St. Louis, Missouri plant to the Sterling Heights, Michigan plant. The Daytona also received a thorough facelift, which replaced the pop-up headlights with flush-mounted rounded ones and added a new grille and rear fascia. Window surround moldings on the doors were also new, and rounder than the sharp angles of the moldings on 1984 to 1991 models. The 1992 model also displayed the new Dodge "ram head" emblem on the hood and below the taillights. While the 3.0 L V6 became an option on lower end models, it was the standard engine on IROC models. Optional on the 1992 IROC was the 2.5 L "High Torque" Turbo, available as a very rare option (less than 230 produced). Also available on the IROC was the new R/T performance package, which featured a 224 hp (167 kW) Turbo III version of the 2.2 L four-cylinder, but with a Lotus designed DOHC cylinder head and direct ignition system instead of a distributor-type ignition system. Although the Shelby trim was discontinued after 1991 (due to the end of Carroll Shelby's involvement with Chrysler), a small number of 1992 Daytona IROCs were produced bearing the Shelby name. These IROCs featured "Shelby" decals, and were all 2.5 Turbo cars, as they featured the Shelby Performance Package sales code. These rare Shelby versions were mainly "Chrysler" branded Daytonas, and were part of an early run of IROCs. These were the last production vehicles produced by Chrysler to bear the Shelby name. Production of the Daytona ended in February 1993 without an immediate replacement. The 1995 Dodge Avenger eventually took the Daytona's place.

Source: Wikipedia
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