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RevTalk and Radiators...

I keep getting car questions on and off but can never reemember them when I want to ask. I'll keep it at these and see if I can think of any later.

1) I've heard that less revs means better quality engine. For example if a Corolla is doing (cruising at) 100 km/h, it would do so at probably 2000 revs but a Lamborghini would do so it at 1000 revs or less. Based on this, I'm very confused as often members here and the Top Gear crew prefer "more revs" as something of a driving experience and I dont' get it at all. Can anyone explain this? Why would anyone want "more revs" if it means the engine is more stressful?

2) I've seen many-a-time water come out of a new bus radiator whenever it stops. Is it a manufacturing fault or is the radiator designed to let stagnant water out, or does it just stop working when the bus brakes? It's fairly common on the public transport busses here.

- spi
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