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Originally Posted by spi-ti-tout
I've heard that less revs means better quality engine. For example if a Corolla is doing (cruising at) 100 km/h, it would do so at probably 2000 revs but a Lamborghini would do so it at 1000 revs or less. Based on this, I'm very confused as often members here and the Top Gear crew prefer "more revs" as something of a driving experience and I dont' get it at all. Can anyone explain this? Why would anyone want "more revs" if it means the engine is more stressful?
What you have there is gearing, not the engine.

A Corolla that has a maximum speed of, say, 120mph will be geared so that it will presumably be running close to max revs in top gear at 120mph; 8000rpm for the sake of argument.
At 60mph (just under 100km/h) in the same gear the engine would be at 4000rpm.

A Lamborghini is geared to do over 200mph. If the Lambo were pulling 8000rpm at 210mph in 6th gear, in the same gear at 60mph the engine would only be running at 2285rpm.

Gearing is largely linked to the power and torque outputs of the engine.

If you need, say, 100bhp to overcome the friction and drag forces encountered at 100kmh, then the engine in a 150bhp Corolla-esque car will be reving pretty hard. A Lambo will produce 100bhp at much lower revs, which is what enables it to have taller gearing than the Corolla.
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