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Originally Posted by clutch-monkey
are you sure this isn't condensation from the aircon?
I have no idea tbh, but the water doesn't just drop, it coems out in a flow from the front and (sometimes) from the back.

Originally Posted by Coventry
All that he said.
So, the rev output has absolutely no linking with the quality of engine.

Based on what you've said then, I'd like to ask this question. A Porsche Boxster can do, as a maximum, 5500 rpm max (according to James May). Why are the revs so short and does this mean top speed is affected? Or are shorter revs more "brutal" and "aggressive" than higher ones?

Originally Posted by magracer
About the water in the buses... you are in the wrong forum!
What?! I don't think I'll find anything in the Aussie forums
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