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Man, way to shoot down the kids dream. Not that I disagree though, I just am starting to get a real negative vibe towards MP.

All I am saying is, look at my friend Spencer, he is a maiser to the maximum, he sat at home when we would go out and have fun, he ate all of his meals at home borrowed his parents car, did his best not to pay for the gas in those cars and worked, hard and constantly from when he was 15 until now. Now with the money he has saved up, he is buying himself college, and trust me I am sure he has plenty of money around to do other stuff too, maybe even buy a car, but he isn't going to.

So to sum it up, it is attainable, but you have to work hard, sacrafice pretty much any and all free time to a job that pays $6.50-$8 and be willing to not see your friends often for most of high school or expect to spend any money at any time of the year. Also I think he had it gaining interest in the bank and had CDs and stuff. So really you can do it, but its a lot of work and not a lot of having fun for the next three years.
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