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Lamborghini Miura SV #18

A very famous SV. Chassis #5110, production #761, completed on 15th January 1973 and delivered new to Gianfranco Innocenti, scion of the motor manufacturing family. His father was a good friend of Ferruccio Lamborghini, whose signature appears on the dashboard of the car.

The original factory order sheet, dated 30th August 1972, shows unique 'nero metalizzato' paintwork, 'pelle bianco latte' (milk white leather- a special order), chromed rear script, no front grilles, rear grilles in silver, Jota filler, and 'motore potenziato' (tuned engine). Split sump lubrication was standard on late cars, but the optional air conditioning was declined as Innocenti considered it reduced performance!

The order form also states "delivery by 24.12.72 imperative!" The car was in fact registered on 30th December 1972 to avoid the new purchase tax which became the law from 1st January, even though the car was still not finished-typical in Italy! The finished SV was signed off by factory tester Lodi on 15.1.73, effectively bringing to an end an era in Lamborghini history. It coincided with Ferruccio selling a 51% interest in his beloved company and seemingly losing interest in cars...

Innocenti drove his new toy extensively between his homes in Milan and Rome and St Tropez, and reports seeing 290km/h on the Bologna-Padova Autostrada. The car was Italian registered MI S00000- a VIP number- and was maintained by the factory and their main dealer Achilli Motors in Milan. The original service book shows that Innocenti covered over 10,000km in #5110 before the end of the year, when he took delivery of one of the first new LP400 Countach models. "Not as fast as the Miura!" he reports...

This special black Miura SV was then acquired by wealthy industrialist Stel Bestino Gonars of Udine, a good Lamborghini client. He kept it for just a year before selling to Guido Pastore, a Turin collector with numerous cars. During this period maintenance was always carried out at the factory and the car was Turin registered TO L61978.

In 1981 Swiss Lamborghini Club President and Lamborghini importer Max Bobnar decided to purchase an exceptional Miura SV for his collection. His search led him to Italy and the Innocenti car, which he acquired from Pastore for the then vast sum of L. 50 million on 13th November 1981. Bobnar drove the SV back to Switzerland, the mileage by now 36,000km.

In December 1988 Bobnar was approached by Swedish collector Sven Arvidsson of Stockholm, who made an offer Bobnar couldn't refuse: SFR1.2 million ($720,000 today) for the Innocenti car, plus SV #4948 and Bobnar's turbocharged Countach 5000, chassis #12712. The three cars were shipped to Stockholm and remained there, hidden in Arvidsson's substantial sports car collection, until the 1990s when financial reasons forced the collection to be broken up and sold.

In 1991 #5110 was in Bellflower, California at the shop of world-renowned specialist Bill de Carr for accident repairs and repainting, according to de Carr.

Early in 1998 this unique SV was acquired by a Miura enthusiast in Switzerland who had longed after this particular SV for years. The car thus returned to the Alps after almost 10 years in Sweden. The mileage was now 46,000km, just 50km had been covered since Bobnar's ownership.

Although apparently in perfect condition, the new owner already had another 'normal' SV and knew the model's weaknesses. A full mechanical overhaul was entrusted to Colin Clarke Engineering in London and the paintwork was refinished by Eddie Noon of Vale Cottage Motors, both well-known Miura specialists based in London. The inaugural re-appearance of this historic Miura was at the Goodwood Revival Meeting in September 1998 and it has since participated in the Tour d'Espagna (1999), finishing 9th from 73 entrants, and in the prestigious Tour Auto in France (2000) where it again finished in the top 10% after 2,550km of very fast driving. Who says Miuras are not reliable?

The car has been kept scrupulously to its original specification, with its unique and distinctive specification and colour scheme, and is probably the most frequently seen Miura in Europe, not to mention one of the most historic.
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