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Originally Posted by bruxell View Post
I'm sorry, but these are super cars, and in that leauge all that matters is performance. Still, you have a point. the SSC isn't an overpriced, overweight bloat barge like the Veyron. It's light, and it's faster. It handles and it set it's records on real roads, not in the confines of a controled test surface. Yes, I would take the almost three SSCs I could buy for the price of one Veyron. Has it occured to you that going very, very fast might not need to be accompanied by the utmost in luxury, but that connection to the road might be preferable?
Damn, you're funny... Where did you get it can handle? For what I've red, it's quite the opposite. Like the Koenigseggseggsegg, the Ultimate Aero is quite uncapable of negotiating corners... With fixed aerodynamics, the balance for optimum top speed (little downforce, minimum drag) has to be contrary to optimum handling (high downforce, more pressure against the ground to improve grip), so it's not suprising it goes straight off the road just with the sight os a bend!
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