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Originally Posted by LTSmash View Post
Don't ask questions. Just bend over and accept it.
Over my dead body.

Originally Posted by LeonOfTheDead View Post
The 360 looks a bit...girly, not very mean, not very elegant.
The 355 looks extremely dated when you put it next to the 360, which imo is extremely elegant and doesn't need to look mean to be a great car, and if you mean girly as in sexy like a supermodel, you'd be correct

Originally Posted by pimento View Post
I'd have a 355 over a 360.. pop-up headlights.
Pop up headlights are a thing of the past my friend. They only ever look good closed! I started to like Ferraris more when they went back to the open headlight designs, like the 550 and the 360. Although, the 456 has beautiful lines (again with them down though) too.
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