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Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
That's the problem, on saturday I'm doing a 440km journey and this (god forbid) actually makes a lot of sense, quiet and comfy. However with the actual range it's not enough to use it.

I could see this as the everyday car and then a sportscar with an ICE for the weekends. But the range does indeed need to be extended.
For interest my city is debuting Better Place in Oz (in conjunction with our public-owned energy supplier ActewAGL)

(intro vehicle is from Nissan, not certain but I think its the LEAF?)

Naturally all of this has set local forums abuzz, eg:
The success of electric cars may largely be governed by energy storage. If (when) new ultracapacitor power systems come into play, electrical storage and charging times will be significantly improved.

A company called EEstor has claimed to have made a breakthrough with an ultracapacitor ceramic ‘EESU’ unit: a 3-5 minute charge will store enough energy for 640 kilometers.

To date the company has been keeping a low profile, and work is still being kept under wraps, though the company has established partnerships with Zenn Motors and Lockheed Martin in regards to military applications. There are also several patent applications that indicate movement.

Whether it is true or not, there are other emerging technologies such as Graphene that may revolutionise power systems and charge times. This technologies will also assist in regulating renewable power sources to provide stable continual power.

So while the technology is not yet commercially available, the prospect would be game-changing and certainly makes electrical cars a far cleaner, cheaper, more reliable alternative to petrol, especially in remote locations.

The sooner the remaining petroleum can be reserved for something more useful than fuelling little Jack to his soccer match the better.
In regards to those 'Battery Switch Stations' mentioned in the Better Place pdf, they recently did a 'live on air' media demonstration showing an EV battery pack being changed in just 90 seconds! Their (Better Place) plan is to extend these stations reasonably quickly onto regional highways to enable interstate travel, and eventually spread out nationally.

All told its a highly interesting (and promising) enterprise imo
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