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Originally Posted by Wouter Melissen View Post
That was not my point. Every car is different so the fuel savings will also differ depending on the individual car this engine will be mounted in.
Exactly this can also be calculated. If the models of the engine are complete, then it is relatively easy to put it in any existing vehicle simulation. You'd be surprised at how exact the models can become.

Originally Posted by Wouter Melissen View Post
The difference being that this engine was developed from scratch for this specific purpose. The engine(generator) in the Volt is a modified Ecotec engine that was developed for use in conventional cars. I would think there is a lot of efficiency to gain if you don't need the engine to be able to rev freely from say 1000 to 6000 rpm.
Exactly this will be the benefit over the Volt. However the ECU of the Volt limits the range this engine operates in anyway. The exact numbers I forgot, will try and find them in my notes again.
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