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Originally Posted by Sledgehammer View Post
Im not quite sure what your on about, but those cookies look amazing! The way my pics are sorted out is by name of the maker, then the model. That way when I find a new image, I save it to the folder. Every once in awhile I have duplicates, but thats easy go get through later.
My archive is sorted basically the same way, with date of introduction also included in the model's folder's name.
My problem is that over the years I stored many duplicates files, mainly because high res version are found at a later date. At the moment I know certain folders are a really mess, like for the Murcielago LP640.
So I was looking for some program which could recognize duplicates based on the image itself rather than on the name itself, so that I don't have to check each folder, image by image.
That's basically what that program does, except it's only for images available on the internet.
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