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Thank you, it is the hydro suspension that makes you the king of the speedbump.
The old one was a 2.2 litre with 205 BHPand 465 NM. The weight of the two is about the same.
The interior looks more modern, but being a fan of classic dials,the new ones are not what I would have preferred. It does have an oil temperature gauge though. It does have about all the luxury functions thatyou can think of, but Junior will be needed to do some programming. What I will to get used to is the automatic parking brake, (there is no conventional handbrake, so no 360s) which you can only be unlocked by stepping on the footbrake. It is not something you would expect in a manual gearbox. Seats are pefect, heated and a massage function as well. And there is a glass roof too.
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