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Went for a nice drive through New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont today so I can give some more-thorough feedback about what the car is like on a fun road.

It is very forgiving in just about every driving condition, though probably not that quick (especially with me driving) in any. At the limit, the car's front weight bias shows and it plows a little bit, though judicious application of the brakes or throttle will make the car rotate as much, or as little, as you want it too. The car never makes any bones about being an out-and-out sportscar; it is a GT, but it remains fun even in the twistiest bits. Though its 3,000 lb heft sometimes (under braking) lets itself be known, for the most part, it is incredibly composed. The suspension's age has made it a little softer than optimal, but it was still quite up to its task.

The motors is undersquare and not the type that needs to be redlining constantly to be fun. The torque from 2,500-5,500 (6,500 rpm redline) is enough to get you between corners; second or third-gear roll ons are my favorite part of this engine. The maximum speed limit in the Northeast is twelve miles in the hour and there are thousands of crossovers and Subarus who seem set on enforcing it. Dropping gears from a cruise to pass wasn't the smoothest affair, but it always got the job done.

The steering itself is incredibly communicative, though the large diameter of the steering wheel still feels a little weird in my hands. The gas pedal is also placed too far behind the to heel and toe well, and even if it was better placed, there doesn't seem like enough rooms for my size 11s (Euro 44s?) to move around. The shifter falls nicely to hand, and as long as you shift above 3,000 rpm it is as smooth as buttery silk. The manually-adjustable side bolstering works nicely, and I never once feel out of my seat. The gauges were eminently visible, informative, and delightfully-analog.

All in all, I'm still very much in the honeymoon phase.
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