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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
Unfortunately, Europe already gave America its best..

As for the Cactus, I can't think of another modern car that has any whimsy to its design; that alone is worth something. Do I want one? No. However, I do respect the fact that the French can still do that, even if bad cars are the result.

As a bonus here's some archival footage of Kitdy and me in the '70s. Guess who's who... I can't figure out which Chrysler Cordoba Ferrer would drive, so I omitted an ad for that.
The Nissan Cube had a lot of whimsical aspects to the styling with the water drop headliner.

I don't understand this drive towards SUVs and crossovers, people want to save fuel but want to pay extra fuel for 4WD that they won't really need if they had bought proper winter tires in the first place.
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