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Here's a small excert from the piece i have on the car as copied from the Ferrari Owners Club UK website.

Written by John Elliot

Since its establishment in the late 1950's the European Mountain Championship became the preserve of Porsche. However, on those few occasions when Ferrari gave it serious attention, the German cars were well and truly beaten.

In 1962 Ludovico Scarfiotti in an open 196 SP s/n 0804 took the Championship for Ferrari ahead of the Porsche of Heini Walter. 1963 and 1964 were again Porsche years with avengance. Ferrari returned to the mountains in 1965 with a prototype 166P s/n 0834 and again Scarfiotti took the Championship.

1966 could have seen a repeat performance but Ferrari was experiencing industrial action back in Italy and so Dino s/n 0842 did not appear at all the events and Scarfiotti only managed a second place.

1969 was the next concentrated attack by Ferrari on the European Mountain Championship. Work on a new car had actually started at the end of 1967 and a new open sports 2-litre car was built. It was powered by a flat -12 engine developed by Jacoponi from Forghieri's original 1.5 litre design which had briefly appeared in 1964-65 at the end of the 1.5 litre F1 era. When tested for this new "Sport 2000" the engine produced a healthy 290 bhp at 11,800 rpm.

The car that finally raced in the 1969 European Hill Climb Championship was the 212 E Montagna, s/n 0862. The 212 represents the 2 litre flat 12 configuration of the engine while the E stood for Europeo and Montagna of course for mountain.

The development of chassis 0862 was explored in an excellent article by Marc Sonnery in Cavallino 97. Was this a new chassis or the development of an existing car? The 212 was an obvious development from the 206 and thus an existing car which had been modified. Initially it was thought that Dino s/n 028 was the car but this had been with the Italian Lualdi from 1966 to 1970. The most recent conclusion is that Dino chassis s/n 020 was used and renumbered 0862.


So had it not been for industrial action the car could have in theory been around for sometime during 1966
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