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Originally Posted by thebrochureman View Post
Don't get me wrong i do prefer manual gearboxes over Flappy paddle stuf. The thing is that the Aventador has the perfect resapy for a fast 0-60, and Lambo has taken that and made it so fast at 0-60, it has lots of power, it's 4WD, it's a light car and it's got a very good gearbox, the gearbox is very fast at changing gear so it helps 0-60. But if you had a proper manual it would be slower at 0-60 and even though i prefer a manual that would be a shame. It would be stupid for lambo to creat a great car which has all the right resapy for a fast 0-60 time and then let it down by putting a manual gearbox in it. Also, i may be wronge, a Manual gearbox may not be able to cope with the power as well, espesaly such a fast and revy engine.

I prefer a good manual gearbox over a flapy paddle things but in some car i think it's a good thing that they have double clutch flappy paddle gearbox.

I may be completly wronge please corect me if i am but this is what i think.
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Were you trying to spell recipe?
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