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Bought a lawnmower. Opted for a cheap one since we are moving next year and I am not going to lug a lawnmower along with me. Used ones are running $75-$100, at that price might as well buy new. Beats paying the lawn guy to mow the properties I manage, so I see it as paying myself $50 every time I mow. So far seems like a good buy. Only 4,5 lb-ft of torque, so I was worried it might bog down. I have been behind mowers with 6 or 7 lb-ft which get bogged. But it has chopped everything I put in its path with no complaint. It starts easy too. As a side bonus the little motor doesn't use much dead dino juice either. Only thing I don't like are the mini rear wheels which make the back yards more of a chore than I thought due to the little drainage gully going through them. My wife likes the workout I get though

Murray 20" Gas-Powered Lawn Mower: Gardening & Lawn Care :
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