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Alfa Romeo 2000GTV

Yup. Wanted one for a long time, now I have one. She's a beaut.

The engine's been rebuilt with larger intake valves, it's been hardened so unleaded fuel is OK, the carbs were done (but probably need redoing), it has Alfaholics fast road suspension on it, the interior is nice and it's all but rust free. I've had it for a day and it's not broken down once!

It smokes a bit under firm acceleration, the last mechanic that looked at it reckons the acceleration pumps in the carbs are too big and the jets are not right. It's either that or it had just been sitting around too much, I've driven it around a bunch today and will give it a good blast at some point and see how it goes. It doesn't missfire or seem to be choking overly much.

Anyway, it's a 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000GTV in LeMans Blue, and I <3 it so.

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