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Thanks guys, I'm pretty danged chuffed. Always loved the 105 coupes.

Today I fixed one of the rear flappy windows - the seals around the shaft through the window were nonexistant, so the catch rattled like a bastard. Once I had yanked out 4 metres of wire (or thereabouts) holding it in, I visited a hardware store, bought a pack of misc shower washers and some clips, sized up a pair of said washers to shove between the metal bits and the glass, accidently [due to moronic inattentiveness] entirely dislodged said window from the car, cursed my awfulness at these things, found that 1.5 of the three dodgy rubber hinge things on the front edge of the window were still OK, re-attached the lever dealie for the pop-out end of the window (with said new washers), got the hinge end back in place (ish...), and put it back together.

So.. 1/1 on me vs car issues. Also I am never touching that window again. As far as I am concerned it's there, it goes no where, no one will ever sit in the back and be tempted to open it, just no. Nope, not at all. Go away. It's a two seater, them in the back are ornamental.

Though seriously anyone with legs just cannot fit back there.

Might put a lot of silica gel back there in case of rain.

Also I'm 'borrowing' literally the same Volvo 850R I bought 8 years ago, 'sold' [gave] to my dad 6 years ago, and he sold it to my mum 3 years ago. It needs turbo work. Basically on the days that I'm not working at home and don't want to commute in the Alfa, I will use El Volvo. It has air-con and a stereo that I can hook my iPhone up to (via the cassette deck).

Also I've moved back to Perth. I rode here [from Sydney] on the Triumph Bonneville pictured in the avatar and featured in an earlier thread. The Honda CT110 also came over with me. I HAVE A GARAGE OF VEHICLES!!

.. [it's not my garage (I'm renting a room from my sister until I buy a place) and it's not all mine (the aforementioned Volvo) but yea, there's an electrically actuated garage door in front of most vehicles (the Volvo is on the lawn out the front)]

Life's too short to drive bad cars.

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