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Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
Did you know that the Giulietta has two different engine service sensors?

Well I just discovered it today, when a couple of weeks after its first service, the oil light came on. I rushed to the main dealer, worrying that the engine was just going to explode.

Apparently the only problem was that while the engine-service sensor in the oil line had been reset, the one on the dashboard hadn't and hence it came on.

Italian car idiosyncrasies, I guess.
Don't want to sound smug, but I actually did know that. And your dealer should have known better.

It is pretty common these days that ECU keeps track of two different values: scheduled service deadline and engine oil deterioration. Both need resetting, if the oil is changed during regular service.

But the fact that Alfa uses the same warning light for low oil pressure and contaminated oil... I guess this can only be called Italian humor.
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