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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
It needs time to grow into a production model and we need more photos to accurately assess it, but to be honest I'm more concerned about what the chassis and drivetrain of the next-gen Astons will consist of, because every review I read is like, wow this car is so shiny and nice but doesn't have the chops for modern competition. That and can AM actually make money? This is a ridiculous boom period for luxury car manufacturers and they are still losing.
Mercedes-AMG GT? Mercedes-Benz SL? Mercedes-Benz SLK? GLA-Class? The new Smart? Who knows! Could be anything!

On the other hand soon Aston won't be able to sell any of their cars from the 18th century in the US, so they are not probably making much money...
Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
Maserati is figuratively selling polished turds and I bet they're making a mint.
I actually like the new Ghibli. Even if it competes with the Volvo S80.
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