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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
Didn't they got a stay from the NHTSA/whatever federal regulator executioner?
They have, but it is not a definitive solution, now is it?
The Ghibli, and now, the QP, are pieces of crap. They don't have a good engine, they don't have dynamic prowess or a good ride, their interior quality is laughable, and they cost infinity billion dollars. The Alfieri is ugly. Screw Maserati. People have been tripping over themselves to praise Maser since the launch of the QP V, including myself sometimes, but the truth is they are laggards.[/QUOTE]
Ferrari engine, superb styling, rear wheel drive and top of all it's a Maserati. What's not to like?

On my way to the office I usually cross ways with one of the new Ghiblis, and from the outside, I have to say it look utterly desirable.

If it drives at least half as good as it looks, I'm sold.
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