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The gearbox is the lovely ZF 8 speed (unless I'm mistaken), so that's covered. Even the late last gen Quattroportes had a ZF 6 speed which was better than the stupid DuoSelect semi automatic. I will concede that Italians can't fathom automatics.

As for the engine, everybody is going turbo, so there's little we can do about that. True the Maserati V8 was glorious, but so were AMG's V8 or BMW's straight six and they are all gone now.

I agree, though, the Ghibli looks better than the Quattroporte. The Quattroporte looks a bit like stretched Ghibli in a bad way.

I want to have a go with one of the new Ghibli Ss. I'd buy one. It and an F-Type. My perfect two car garage.

Certainly better than a Mercedes with an Aston badge. Or something.
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