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Originally Posted by Prius View Post
That is easier said than done.

But I still think that my style argument still stands. The Benz looks good on the track and a night on the town. The M5 is purely a track car. Plus, of course, the BMW is too technical. When I get into a car, I want to turn the key and go, not spend thirty minutes getting all the minute techincal bits just right. That novelty will wear off after the first week.
When EVO tested the Maserati Quattroporte it beat the BMW M5 at the Bedford Autdrome. By that logic if you want a track car buy the big Maser.

When I look a Mercedes-Benz E-class and a Maserati Quattroporte it's clear which is the more stylish and elegant.

Maserati Quattroporte ftw.
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