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Sorry Mustang i cant get onto my account so im gonna have to use this account until someone sorts it out.

Anyway ..... Im going on the Sunday. I was tempted to get a 3-day pass because I live nearby but Im out on the saturday. I normally watch from the stands at the first corner becasue its relitivley easy to get a seat on. However I shall not be arriving in style. I would be coming in my friends 300bhp MR2 Turbo but my grandad wanted to come so I have to turn up in either a Nissan Micra or a Turbo-diesel 406

If you havent been before beware of prices! A normal small bottle of drink (ie. Coke, Fanta) is around 1.50 ... 1.40 at the cheapest. But I dont really mind because Id rather spend 1.50 on a drink than having to haul around a hamper for the whole day (OMG! That had a rythmn to it!). Last year it was very hot and bright so bring shades etc. Dunno what sort of camera you use but If you use a digital camera that takes extra memory, its well worth bringing some extra SD cards because theres so much to photograph. Alternativley if you're using an SLR or normal film camera, bring a briefcase full of film
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