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Originally Posted by .:DB9:.
Anyone seen the adverts on ITV before and after the Le-mans coverage? "Classic Cars" Magazine arrived today and had a small article about Goodwood. It basically said about who was driving .. Im especially happy to see that Jacky Ickx and his daughter, Vanina, will be driving 2 identical Porsche 959 Dakar cars.

The display outside the Goodwood house this year will be of Rolls Royces; expected to be better than last years GT40's!

There was also a huge article in Autocar which arrived this morning but ill scan both of these later in the week so I dont give anything away to people who havent yet read the magazine but will be.

ok thanks alot DB9 looking forward to seeing that advert, i am setting off to goodwood on tuesday to stay with my Aunt and Uncle.

Last years GT40 thing was amazing 3 GT40;s hung up vertically

looking forward very much to this years show.
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