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Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
The problem isn't that it is, or will be, a bad car. It almost surely won't.

The problem is Lotuses are bought for the lightness and driving dynamic. This (or all the other concepts for that matter) isn't it. It is something else.

Therefore it isn't really a Lotus at all.
Was it you that posted the link to Sniff Petrol about history repeating itself? Lotus going upmarket/heavier and failing miserably? It could well happen again, and considering the thickness of competition they are diving into (Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche), I'd not be surprised if this costs Proton a fortune and Lotus is crippled.

Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
Wait, 2015? At quickest it'll be 2014 to launch.

So... why are they releasing it so early again? And what will be built in between that period?
To gauge customer reaction to a rapid change in philosophy?

Will all of these even make production?
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