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Originally Posted by demonrunning07 View Post
I think that by Lamborghini standards, the stylistically original Murcielago was a bit conservative. It wasn't as offensive or as dangerous as its predecessors.

I definitely agree that this is in no way a deviation from Lamborghini's usual conventions but it is so much more insane than either the Murcielago or the Gallardo. It is loud, vulgar, and looks like it would cut you if you brushed up against it wrong, exactly how a Lamborghini should be.
This guy is right. Non LP models of the Murcielago and Gallardo were too sedate.

Considering the weight, they adopted a similar technology to build the CF chassis as McLaren did, yet the car weights 200 kg more. Why:

- larger engine, but the MP4-12C has a twin turbo layout
- smaller gearbox, with the MP4-12C using a DCT
- AWD system VS RWD on the McLaren.
- it's a larger car, but everything else is comparable.

Using a CF chassis in a production scenario (so not hand crafted cars etc) may be deceptive for what regards weights, even the friend of mine who worked on the Ferrari FF thought the McLaren could have been lighter, but then again thinking the way that CF tub is done, it makes a bit more sense.
Just the tub weights around 78 kg iirc, and you still have to add the front and rear subframes, plus the whole rollcage. Considering the F430 full chassis weights around 156 kg, it's not that much lighter at the end of the day.

Possibly this is the same case.

Now considering the new Ferrari Four, that's a much much larger car, with a "conventional" aluminum frame, AWD, DCT and a estate like tail .
The car weights another 200 kg on top of the Aventador, which is still an ugly name. Now the Four has a bazilion more kg of leather, sound deadening, heat insulation and so on, and the AWD system is provided trough a basically second gearbox at the front, rather then a second shaft running from the gearbox to the front axle like on the GT-R. They said it's a better system, and that it doesn't weight that much more.
It's as heavy as a 612 when ready to be driven, while the kerb weight is slightly lower, and if it was possible to remove also the DCT and the AWD systems, it would loose another 100 kg, they said.

So this just shows that it's much more difficult than what journalists believe to judge a weight and what lead to it.

Jesus, I'm really becoming an engineer.
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