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Originally Posted by spi-ti-tout
You don't even need to worry about the depreciation. It'll break down and evaporate in no time.
Base that sentence on facts. That's a myth. I never heard directly from an Alfa owner, a complaint about reliability. Old Alfas rusted away easily. But they never were really unreliable. Their engines are strong enough.
What gave the unreliability image to the Alfas were the Boxer engines. Not that they weren't reliable. But their valve opening got out of tune easily if the engine wasn't revved up regularly. Since many owners usually used the car for city traffic, those engines would start sounding horribly and choking with gas. What would usually happened was their owners taking the car to a garage to have them timed again. All the mechanicals used to do was check the fluids, pick the car and go to the highway stretching each gear as long as reasonable. When the cars came back from that "exercise" they were sounding sweet and quiet again, with better fuel effiency and performance. Alfas always were cars for the connoisseurs.
BTW, here goes an anorak fact: on their time, a Giulia Sprint was more expensive than a Porsche 356. Maybe there was a reason for that.
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