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Originally Posted by Duell View Post
I'm a PC gamer, so PS4 games are out of my league.
And if I would start playing on my phone I probably be playing all the time. So this is a way of confining my addiction

I do also play Just Cause 3 and sometimes Rocket League with friends.
Haha, I do the exact opposite. I do work on a Mac computer.

That being said, XCOM Enemy Within and XCOM 2 are both available on computer and I recommend them both if you like chess style games. Buying my mac was how I limit my choice in games. I don't do gaming on my phone, I do it on the PS4, an iPad Pro and recently I bought an Odroid Go for Christmas.

The Odroid Go is a Gameboy/Gameboy Color and NES emulator in a smaller than Gameboy package using ROMs.

Ok, so maybe I am making excuses for myself to game more.
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