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Originally Posted by kingofthering View Post
My colleagues have talked me into buying NieR:Automata and I've been playing through it over the last two weeks.

Gameplay alternates between hack & slash, bullet hell, and mech piloting but it's so fluid and satisfying that you will actively run into battles just to string up some crazy gun 'n blade combos.

Storytelling is where this game sits head-and-shoulders above others. There's nothing quite like it. It's equal parts mind screw and exploration of humanity. 26 different endings rear their heads at sometimes unexpected moments so it's in your best interests to save as much as you can. I think it even tells you to do so at the start.

It's good enough that I haven't touched Forza in weeks. Still using that to experiment with different tunes for my MX-5 Miata that I'm not brave enough to try out in real life now. Game tires are much cheaper than the real thing...
I've heard lots of good things about Nier Automata. So many good games to play on the PS4, I have a massive backlog. I also intend on getting Ace Combat 7 and Red Dead 2. Red Dead 1 was excellent, I played it on the PS3.
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