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2008 Mercedes C Class!

Sources tell us it will have a strong family resemblance to the CLS.

2008 Mercedes C Class!

This is the very first sighting of the 2008 Mercedes C Class and although itís heavily disguised, the timing is significant Ė indicating the W204 (as itís known by its internal codename) is right on schedule.

The next generation C Class will arrive in the 2007 calendar year, followed twelve months later by the wagon version. And although itís hard to tell from these pictures Ė the new C Class is expected to be much sportier and no longer just a downsized S Class, but a more modern Benz which hope to gain the attention of younger and less conservative buyers.

The rear-wheel-drive sedan will be the first powered with KDI EVT (electronic valve train without camshaft, supercharged, direct-injection) engines, and will incorporate other new technologies including the third-generation 4Matic all-wheel-drive system.

But as independent and modern as the new C Class looks, it will be sharing even more component-wise with E and S Class models.

these are the only photos that were3 on the site, if you have anymore feel free to post em!
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