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Originally Posted by guyonblackYBX
a friend of mine mailed me the following story, how many of you came across this story, is that true? if it is true then can anyone elaborate tha story again if you dont mind, or can anyone give me any related link where ic an fin pics or more info about this intresting pice of info. n thx a lot for your awesome response on my first thread. the story is as follows

you will be surprised to know that in one
replies-belive it or not, they showed a race between
doge viper and f16 fighter plane. The race was like
this, they both start from zero and since the plane is
on groud before take off, they fixed a distance that
was to be covered. Now the thing is people think that
the best figher plane can win this race without any
prob. and yes it won, but only in photo finish, plane
nose was fraction ahead of car at the line.

I read about in car and driver
they raced them because the F16 was special version with extra weapons known as the Viper
the dodge viper lost badly
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