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Originally Posted by Egg Nog
Yeah, what a waste of money.... there's really no reason why someone should, under any circumstances, have such a heinous amount of money. Especially when people living much in much of Brunei were suffering.

Anyway, that's a lot of really sweet cars. When Ferrari refused to sell him more than one F40, he turned to the black market for the rest of 'em.

His people are better than anyone in the US

After being rocked by a multi-billion-dollar financial scandal involving members of its own royal family, Brunei has finally come to grips with the fact that its oil reserves will start running out in 25 years' time. The Southeast Asian country's people will need to find other ways of maintaining their affluent and pampered lifestyles.

Brunei's citizens don't pay income taxes, there is no interest on housing loans and health care is free. They even have a lavish themepark on the outskirts of the capital where all rides are free of charge, perhaps the only one of its kind in the world. Oil revenues have also helped pay the salaries of some 60 percent of Brunei citizens, who work for the government with high pay, short working hours and perks such as interest-free car loans.

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