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Originally Posted by RacingManiac View Post
It sorta reminds me of Honda's HSC(I think thats what it was, the concept mid-engine car that was going to replace the NSX, til it was decided to be a front engine, then was canned), which in itself was sorta Enzo looking...

some interesting details, more puzzling detail is the 2 air tract that sorta flanked by the rear fenders that leads to the rear spoiler....consider its not a full aero-looking tract(the rear was meshed), I guess its a cooling passage or something...and then there are places you would expect to see ducts/intake and its not there, ie the cutout at the lower door sill...
I was thinking where did I saw this got it.
There should be two fans at the back of the car, where those intakes you're pointing lead.

Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
Do we need three threads to discuss this car?
That's the problem with the hide-out I think.
Only hi-res images can be posted here, and that's where people usually talk about a car as there are "better" shots and so more people come here.
The problem is that at first only low-res shots are available, or until a car isn't unveiled, a thread to talk about it is posted on the general forum, and there the conversation can take part as well.
And then there is Wouter which obviously posts the announcements of a site update in the right place.
No, we don't need 3 threads, but we created them, every time.
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