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Originally Posted by Commodore GS/E View Post
I've come to a point where I simply don't care about Mitsu anymore. Since the've discontinued the Galant at the early 00's, they have constantly lost market share. I'm not really sure if they will make the jump to an all-electric eco brand, because they simply don't have the reputation to do so (Mitsu's engines aren't really the apex of efficiency, you know). Toyota needed years to establish itself as a producer of eco-friendly cars, but their budget is much higher.
Seriously, why care about a car maker that has no intentions on improving it's lineup? From what I heard, they will probably cancel all their bigger cars and become sort of the next Daihatsu... but without quirky cars like the Copen -.-
The Galant is still around. I think. It's just a neutered FWD sedan. I'm not sure how Mitsubishi went so wrong. They had the Galant, the Eclipse, 3000 GT and the Lancer.
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