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Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
The Galant is still around. I think. It's just a neutered FWD sedan. I'm not sure how Mitsubishi went so wrong. They had the Galant, the Eclipse, 3000 GT and the Lancer.
They've axed the Galant in Europe long ago. For the rest of the cars, it's easy to explain why Mitsu fails:

Eclipse: became heavier and less competitive with each generation. Generic shape, no awd, heavy, really bad engines... fail.

3000GT: Mitsu failed to build a sucessor for it's probably best car.

Lancer: the only decent car they build right now, but I guess it's not powerful enough for the american market (except the Evo- for some reason, many people in your countre seem to think that they absolutely need at least 180 hp...). On the european market, it doesn't reall stand a chance. Mitsu doesn't offer enough diesel engines, the Lancer Hatch came far too late and isn't good enough, and there is no wagon... which makes it technically a fail, too.

Mitsu has simply failed to invest into the right cars. The only other car maker with an equally overaged portfolio that I can think of is Saab.

I don't think they're gonna make it. I mean the car they lay all their hopes on looks like a big jelly bean...

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